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The Snake Rig - Custom Wood Topwater Lures

Check out our NEW "Snake Rig" !!! & our Custom Wood Topwater Baits!!

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The "Snake Rig"

The “Snake Rig” is a great addition to anyone’s top water arsenal. Our Snake Rigs are hand carved out of PREMIUM Bass wood. We use Stick on eyes, and dip each Snake Rig with a 2/Part Epoxy Clear (2 coats). Attach the worm hook of your choice (We recommend a 4/0 Wide Gap Worm hook), and slow reel it anywhere you would throw a hollow body frog. The head is counterweighted in the belly to cause it to flip upright on every cast. Looks just like a snake in the water with a ribbon tail worm! Or try any creature bait that has a good action. Head Size:

Custom Built Topwater Lures - Devil Horse

These are our very own Custom Devil Horse type top-water plugs. Our topwater baits are made of PREMIUM Bass Wood that is hand cut & shaped using a wood lathe. Our lures are dipped in a chemical resistant, water proof – 2/part epoxy clear coat (2 coats!!!). The 3D eyes are attached prior to the 1st clear coat..... We will make you a high quality handmade lure, which will have a great action. Do you want a new version of an old lure that you can actually use? Answer the questions in the required checkout box, to give us the Specifications for your bait. You can send questions to [email protected] . The pics shown for this item are for reference only (These are 5" long with #5 Props). Note: Each Devil Horse is hand made per your Specs. We Custom/Hand make each lure as ordered.

Below are the Questions to answer during checkout>>>>> 

[1] Color: White with (What Color Back?) or Chrome with (What Color Back?)

[2] Back Color Pattern: small scales, large scales, or solid?

[3] Length? Must be between 3-1/2" to 5-1/2" (Email us at [email protected] if you want one bigger.

[4] Body Thickness in the center? (The center of the lure will be just off center toward the head of the lure for proper balancing)

[5] Eyes: 3D Pearl or 3D Red? More Options will be available soon.

[6] Prop Size: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (See Size Chart Pic for reference)

[7] Other?

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