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2006 Fishing Reports




9:30 a.m.- Dark


Thouticabouffa River


Little Joe's Ramp

REPORT: by: David Bond> It was cloudy - temps in the mid 60's - tide rising - caught 18 bass, 4 on a crank, 2 on a white jerk bait, the rest were caught on a salt water bait. All of our fish were holding on the banks of deep ledges 12'-30' deep. We were catching bass up-river on a crank by parralleling the same types of banks with a 4'-6' bomber fat free guppie (fire tiger). limit weight 9lbs

DATE:          1-31-06

TIME:          1:30p.m.-5:00p.m.

RIVER:        Flint Creek Water Park Lake

LAUNCH:    Main Launch

REPORT: by: David Bond> It was fairly cool today in the high 50's - moderate/chilly wind. there was also an on and off overcast. We missed 2 nice fish on a floating worm and missed one on a spinner bait. We caught 4 nice keepers ( our 4 fish= 7lbs 2oz ) We caught them on a 4-6' bomber fat free guppie in 10' of water fairly close to a point/ one came off of one of the swimming areas. 

DATE:       2/24/06

TIME:          10am-5pm

RIVER:        Tchouticabouffa River

LAUNCH:    Little Joe's

REPORT: by: David Bond> I caught 6 Bigmouths flipping brush. I parralel fished the banks upriver and caught 16 spotted bass all on a Crankbait. The temp was in the 60's with a moderate overcast, and the tide was high. I caught my biggest spotted bass ever 4lbs 9oz. my 5 best keepers weighed 11 lbs 5oz.

DATE:         2/27/06

TIME:         12pm-6pm

RIVER:       Tchouticabouffa River

LAUNCH:     Little Joe's

REPORT: by: David Bond> The tide was low so we weren't catching the spots upriver tight to the banks like we were Friday. We moved off the bank and fished the drop-offs on the outsides of the river bends with the crank. We caught 4 spots and earlier we caught 2 Bigmouths flippin the same brush as Friday. Our 3 keepers weighed- 5lbs 15oz 

DATE:         3-28-06

TIME:         1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

RIVER:       Fort Bayou

LAUNCH:   Fort Bayou

REPORT: By: Jarrid Mathers--Team# 4: The sky was partly cloudy, with the temp around 75 degress. I worked the banks with a devil horse from which I caught my 5 fish limit (total weight 9 lbs 4oz). I pulled a few of them off the beds, and also caught a couple other smaller ones. Most of the fish I caught were shallow.

DATE:          4-1-06

TIME:           7:30am-2:00pm

RIVER       Tchouticabouffa

LAUNCH:      Gulfport Lake

REPORT: by: David Bond> The tide was high and getting higher. Morning temp-60; evening high 80 degrees. Perfect weather!We started out just above the mouth of the river fishing the bulkheads - no fish. We fished the points on the lower part of the river breifly and caught 3 small fish on a Carolina and Texas rig. The fish here were holding off the point in 8ft. of water. The river channel touched the tip of one point to where the water was 15 feet deep right at the bank. We caught a 2lber and I missed one nice 4 lber here on a crankbait. We moved into an area in the lower part of the river and fished the grass banks. We caught at least 15 fish in this area. We caught most of them with a zoom lizard, but I caught 3- 2+lbers on a 1/2 oz. spinnerbait. The 3 fish I caught on the spinner bait were holding extremely tight to the GRASSY POINTS. We had close to an 11 pound stringer today. The fishing was great!!! 


TIME:  safelight- 3:00p.m.

RIVER: Pascagoula River

LAUNCH:   Shimps

REPORT: by: David Bond> Todays weather was too perfect!!! We had a low wind, bright skies, and absolutely no cloud cover. We ran over to the Escatapla River to catch one keeper early on a june bug finnesse worm. The water on the Escatapla was clear. We went back over to Bluff Creek, we fished all over and had hardly no bites. Then we found a shallow creek that was full of fish. We caught at least 20 9 to11 inch bass on a spinnerbait, but no keepers. Bluff Creek was pretty clear, but The main River today was dirty. 3 fish won todays tournament, and only one boat out of 14 had 5 keepers. 

DATE:       5/21/06


RIVER: Flint Creek Water Park Lake


REPORT: by: David Bond> We caught 7 bass today trolloing a crankbait near and in the ski area. We were trolling about 20 feet deep. Our 5 biggest was about 7 lbs.  

DATE:      6-23-06




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DATE:        10/12/06

TIME:           8:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

RIVER:         Tchouticabouffa

LAUNCH:      Little Joe's

REPORT: By: David Bond: Partly cloudy. Great weather,65 degrees. Caught about 15 bass upriver on a salt water bait.. The bass were feeding heavily on schooling shrimp today. They were hitting extremely fast moving lures and topwater. Caught one nice 3 pounder and a fat 2+. Got into the Specks downriver later on in the evening, they were killin Shrimp also. My bigger bass came off topwater baits.